[Theoretical Analysis] [Computer Simulation] [Field Experiments]
[Laboratory Work] [Observation and Field Work] [Data Analysis]
[Database Construction/ System Design] [Snow/Ice Goods]
Theoretical Analysis
  • Mechanism underlying the occurrence, growth and dropout of ice/snow accretion 
  • Physical processes underlying the occurrence of avalanches 
  • Mechanisms underlying the occurrence of fog 
  • Effect of wind pressure on high-rise buildings 
  • Changes in annual precipitation caused by the greenhouse effect 
  • Global climate change and water circulation 

Computer Simulation
  • Running track and velocity of avalanches 
  • Blowing/drifting snow, and poor visibility 
  • Visualization of meteorological/glaciological events 
  • Mechanisms underlying the occurrence of wind caused by trains 
  • Heat environment of the metroyard 
  • Process of the increase in the amount of salt blown by wind 
  • Spread of fire after earthquakes 

Field Experiment
  • Experiments in creating artificial avalanches 
  • Experiments on melting water from the base of snow cover 
  • Measurement of the amount of evaporation from the surface of snow cover 
  • Measurement of the amount of discharged heat from metro (subway systems) 
  • Experiments in creating artificial snow 

Laboratory Work
  • Wind tunnel experiments on poor visibility caused by blowing snow
  • Wind tunnel experiments on snow accretion 
  • Low temperature laboratory experiments on avalanches 
  • Low temperature laboratory experiments on snow melting
  • Wind tunnel experiments ron local wind
  • Experiment in creating artificial snow 

Observation and Field Work
  • Observation of weather 
  • Observation of micro-scale weather 
  • Observation of heat balance 
  • Observation of water balance 
  • Observation of avalanche 
  • Measurement of snowmelt 
  • Observation of snow pit wall 
  • Snow survey 
  • Oceanographical observation 

Data Analysis
  • Data analysis of weather 
  • Data analysis of heat balance 
  • Data analysis of water balance 
  • Data analysis of viscous fluid flow 
  • Visualization 
  • Evaluation of cost and balance 
  • Analysis by Finite Element Method 

Database Construction/System Design
  • Weather database
  • Climate database 
  • Snow database
  • Engineering structures database 
  • Designing system 
  • Forecasting system of road surface freezing
  • Forecasting system of blowing snow 

Snow/Ice Goods
  • Tools for glaciological survey and observation 
  • Breaksnow fence, and management system for roof snow 
  • Snow machine 
  • Snow crystal model, and the other products on snow 

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